Kiosk and Smart Locker

We provide a variety of kiosks to facilitate the service of buildings or residences such as VMS kiosk, Hotel self check-in kiosk, Payment kiosk, and Smart mailbox & locker. The kiosk can be integrated with operating system to send the notification and alert system to both building manager and tenants in order to provide more convenient and reduce manpower cost. Moreover, the kiosk can be customized design to be aligned with the building interior.

VMS Kiosk

Visitors can do self-registration at the kiosk, which has a system to either generate QR code or record visitor’s face through face recognition system as an authorized pass to access the turnstile and destination lift.

Payment Kiosk

The pre-paid parking kiosk is useful to reduce risks from cash on hands, reduce manpower cost, and increase traffic flow. It is safe and secure payments both cash-based and cashless payment such as credit card, mobile banking, and e-wallet.

Hotel Self Check-In Kiosk

Kiosk for hotel self check-in from anywhere is convenient for travelers. It is shorten the process of guest registration at the hotel reception desk and also reduce manpower cost.

Smart Mailbox and Locker

24-hour locker. The recipient will get a notification once the package arrived. The system will also alert to building manager if the package has been left for too long. Each locker can be customized by size and type of the cabinet. Besides locker, we have smart mailbox with keyless solution integrated with biometric and QR code technology.

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