Speed Gate Turnstile

Control of who enters and exits secured areas of your building with access control systems including automated gates and turnstiles. Protects your building from unauthorized entry with a variety of security protocols, such as QR code, fingerprint scanners, optical scanners, and 3D facial recognition for the highest levels of security required. Entry access can be tied to elevators to distinguish those who have permission to access only certain floors.

Embedded Face Recognition on Turnstile

We are the first in Thailand to integrate a Turnstile and Face Recognition System, by embedding a face recognition system into the turnstile, ensuring no equipment clutter on the turnstile, creating a cutting-edge look with international standard performance.

Embedded QR Code on Turnstile

QR code from either car park, VMS kiosk, reception desk, or application can be scanning at QR code reader to enter the turnstile.

Professional turnstileART Augmented Reality App

We are proud to introduce a new app for Android and iOS devices – turnstileART. Top notch augmented reality app allows you to easily simulate an integration of our turnstiles and speed gates.

The automatic barrier system and turnstile from Cominfo. The product comes with security and modern access control. With 20 years of experience, Cominfo products are from Czech Republic and has become popular all over the world with many industries such as Banks, Office Buildings and Bus Stations. Turnstiles are the ideal solution to prevent unauthorized access, with a magnetic direct drive technology that works quietly and quickly.

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