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This website and/or application service is provided by Forward System Limited (the “Company”) and the website and/or application uses cookies to distinguish the ways in which you use the website and/or application from others so that you are able to enjoy the experience of using the website and/or application and allow the Company to improve the quality of service. If you wish to continue to use this website and/or application without any change to the settings, it shall be deemed that you agree to accept the cookies on the Company’s website and/or application.

1. What are Cookies

Cookies are small sized files that are downloaded to your computer device or mobile phone device and records data and settings, such as the status of your current login and your language setting and helps make your access to the website and/or application (collectively, the “Service”) more convenient and continual. It also collects your access history. Cookies do not have any risk and/or danger to your device. Cookies are created based only upon the Services utilized.

2. Benefit of Cookies

Cookies inform the Company which part of the Service of the website and/or application has been accessed by recording the settings during the first use of the Service using cookies allowing you to access the Service in a prompt manner using the same settings on each occasion, unless the cookies are deleted, in which case the settings will be deleted and revert to the default settings. In addition, data related to your use of the Service will help us to improve Services by letting us know how you interact with the data on the Company’s website and/or application and allowing the Company to use the data to improve Services provided in the website and/or application, improve the display of data, advertising, products and services to be in line with your requirements as well as give you a good experience when using the Service in order to satisfy the Service recipient’s needs in full.

3. Using Cookies

When you login to use the Service of the website and/or application and there is a pop-up regarding the cookies policy, the Company’s cookies will be downloaded to your device in order to store statistical information and your browser history while using the Service, data or Services you are interested in. It is not possible to learn your identity from these cookies.

Examples of facilitating your use of the Service by implementing cookies are as follows:

            To remember the user status, such as language setting;

            To remember answers provided already so that you don’t have to answer the same question again

            Providing Social Media Sharing functions to allow you to share content that you are interested in through Social Networks

The Company uses plugin programs and third party services to provide services and to facilitate your use of the Services as described above, including, Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics and Line. In addition, the Company may apply cookies together with pixel tag type technologies to ascertain the utilization and history of your use of the Services, data or services that you are interested in and to analyze in order to improve Services, show content, advertisements or announcements of activities that are suitable as well as Services that match your interests in order to improve your satisfaction even more. In any case, the Company uses cookies subject to the terms and conditions of the Company’s personal data protection policy, details of which you can find in the “Personal Data Protection Policy”

4. Cookies Settings

You can control the cookies settings by setting your browser and/or application settings on your device and privacy setting for collecting data using cookies. However, if your browser or application settings turn off all of the cookies (including cookies required for use), you may not be able to access some or all of the website and/or application Services or it may cause some functions or all functions on the website and/or application to not work in an efficient manner.

5. Changes to the Cookies Policy

The Company reserves the right to improve, adjust and amend all or some of the details of the cookies policy at any time, as well as any other information on the Company’s website and/or application to be current at the Company’s sole discretion. Such changes shall become effective immediately upon being announced on the Company’s website and/or application.



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