Access Control System

The Access control system is a system to control whomever enters and leaves secured areas of the building. It protects buildings from unauthorized entry as well as detecting and giving warning of incidents. We are providing user design journey and customizing the right devices to serve our customer needs. We also guaranteed with our best quality products with excellent service and expertise in system design.

Integrated with Biometric Device

The technology that uses an individual identity to determine access, such as Face Recognition, Finger Scan, Hand Wave detection. Biometric access control systems help to prevent unauthorized access, etc.

Applicable with Mobile/Web App.

FS's access control system can be integrated with a customer's mobile app, with which customers can enter and exit the building by using a single mobile app.

Visitor Management System

Visitor Management System is a database system that collects visitor’s information for each project. The visitors will be given an authorized pass to access the area via web application.

Touchless Switch

Touchless switch is a device for controlling the door. The user needs only to swipe the hand in front of the button to open the door without hand contact needed. Suitable for common areas or public areas such as bathroom doors and facilities access doors.

Door Access Control System

It is an access control system through various media, such as Card, Biometric device or Mobile App. The system able to identify, specify time, as well as set the authorized pass of individuals to access different doors.

FS EasyPass - Application

Shake & Go - Virtual card in mobile application can be used for remote door opening; works with Bluetooth, and with Parking barrier to Facilities entrance door which can be opened without hand contact and the range of Bluetooth receiver can also be adjusted to make it easier.

Integrated Access Control with Destination Lift

Connect the access control system with the system of destination lift by receiving data from the destination lift to present which elevator that user would have to take.

Call Lift

Mobile elevator calling system, by connecting via the customer's mobile app. It can be used for both the destination lift system and the destination floor system, which will display only the floors that the user has authorized.

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