We offer high-quality CCTV cameras with excellent solution using deep learning technology to analyze incidents and alert when problems occur. CCTV can be integrated with face recognition technology to detect unauthorized persons and to employ for marketing purposes such as people traffic, demographic, route analysis, etc. Moreover, AI technology has more features in people counting, falling alarm, mood and behavior detection. The CCTV system comes with high resolution, reducing the number of cameras needed, saving cost of equipment and installation as well as personnel needed for monitoring.

Tracking and Monitoring

Tracking and monitoring visitors who enter and leave secured areas. Able to create a blacklist to send an alert when such person enters the area, set conditions for the system to send the alert according to the user-defined patterns, including the face search from the database to make it easier to track.

People Counting

People counting system that will count people entering the specified area and advance integration with access control system. The system accurately detects and records number of people for space leasing and marketing purposes, which can be integrated with heat map analysis.

Command Center - Video Wall

Centralized control center and monitoring video wall for displaying various systems in the building e.g. surveillance cameras, access control, fire alarm, Intrusion alert, traffic dashboard, air quality, energy consumption, etc. The system can display CCTV from multiple buildings and able to alert real time screen in case of an emergency.

Alert System

CCTV or Intrusion alert system is a type of motion detection technology that will notify whenever the unexpected events match setting conditions. The real time notifications will be sent immediately to people in charge.

Video Data Analytic

Using video analytic to detect and identify attributes, events or patterns such as behavior analysis, intrusion alert, mood detection, demographic analysis and covert data onto a dashboard that allows facility management to forecast trends, patterns, and incidents. 

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