Solution Benefits

  • Flexible and Convenient Self Check-In Using Smart Check-In Kiosk
  • Value Added to Hotel Key Features Service Facilities e.g. Booking Restaurant, Spa, Fitness, Business Room
  • Check-In and Access Hotel Room with Face Recognition Technology
  • Able to Integrate with Hotel Management Software
  • Uplift Hotel Experience through High Level Technology e.g. Room Service Robot
  • Lower Manpower and Operation Cost

Car Park System

Speed Gate Turnstile

Access Control System


Thermal Detection

Kiosk & Smart Locker


One-stop solutions for car park and parking management system with professional services, providing analysis dashboard through cloud and web-based platform

Turnstile customization to align with lobby interior offering Smooth, sleek design, safety sensors, cross over detection and much more. Additional integration with destination lift display, temperature scanner, biometric readers are available

Allowing authorized persons to enter restricted area with a wide range of selections from card to biometric access and smart devices

IP-based security system offers better image quality and resolution using new innovation of security system to monitor and analyze with AI through deep learning technology

AI thermal technology provides the best solution for thermal detection with high accuracy from a distance. It can also alert non-wearing mask detection and detect multiple persons in one time.

Automatic kiosk for multi-purpose use such us VMS kiosk, payment kiosk, hotel self check-in and smart locker. All kiosks can be integrated with main solution and give more convenient to end users

A wide range of products from automatic sliding doors system to LCD video wall digital signage tailored to your needs

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