Automatic door system and others

Besides seamless security solutions, we provide other smart products such as LED video wall digital signage, digital door lock, sliding door, and auto door to ensure convenience and safety for the building. We also provide customization, consultancy, installation, and commissioning services according to customer needs.

LED Video Wall Digital Signage

LED Screen for large billboards is suitable for both indoor and outdoor advertising. The size of the screen can be customized according to customer needs. We provide consultancy, installation and commissioning services.

Digital Door Lock

Electronic door lock system that has a modern design and smart function for unlocking such as bluetooth via mobile app, finger scan, passcode, face scan or application that can open the door from outside. A temporary key can also be created for guests.

Sliding Door / Auto Door

The automatic door system has both slide and swing doors, which has detecting sensors to automatically open the door within a specified distance with a shock-proof safety system to prevent accidents.

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