May 14, 2021

Park Ventures Ecoplex - Turnstile & Car park Management System

The Park Ventures Ecoplex is a prime grade building in Wireless Road, the heart of Bangkok’s CBD. The building boasts a spectacular architectural design in the centre of Bangkok  Park Ventures Ecoplex A world class award is testimony that we are the first energy saving building.  

Forward System Co.,Ltd  has made and designed building access control system,turnstile and car parking system management. With a modern style, consistent with the design It is also full of quality meets international standards

As an experienced in system intergration, we has supplied  turnstiles designed  which meets the demand for slim design while keeping a higher security level and enabling customized design.  Turnstile concept designed for Park Ventures Ecoplex matches the architecture with an elegant, slim, and modern speed gate that fits into interior. A combination of reliability, high level of security.

The final solution incorporated  access and lift destination control system integrated with turnstiles with smart elevator system to group optimum routes according to their destinations 

Forward System Co., Ltd. operates a complete park management for the Park Ventures Ecoplex, from equipment installation and operation by procuring and installing all equipment related to the parking system, including Service & Maintenance.

Parking Management System is a system that helps manage and manage the parking area for maximum benefit. And to facilitate customers or visitors with greater convenience, speed and security. 

It also enhances the image by bringing modern systems and technologies to serve customers. The system works with modern and high-precision devices such as car counting, ticket dispenser, barrier gate, car guidance, parking navigation and parking payment system.

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