May 14, 2021

FYI Center - Turnstile & Car park System Solutions

The FYI Center is located on the edge of Bangkok’s business district, adjacent to the intersection of Ratchadaphisek and Rama 4 Roads at a junction that many people pass through on their daily commute.

As an experienced in system intergration, we has developed and designed a system for entering and exiting the building in accordance with the design of the building That apart from being beautiful It also reflects the concept of FYI Center, a new office building that truly inspires for the new generation.

Forward System Co.,Ltd. has supplied  turnstiles designed  which meets the demand for minimalist slim design while keeping a higher security level and enabling customized design.

Turnstile concept designed for FYI matches the architecture  of the reception desk and thus creates a unique modern look. An elegant, slim, and modern speed gate that fits into interior. A combination of reliability, high level of security.


The final solution incorporated  access and lift destination control system integrated with turnstiles with smart elevator system to group optimum routes according to their destinations 

Prevent unauthorized cars from getting into protected area with high efficiently Car Park System. The system includes gate barrier, keycard, CCTV capturing entrance and exit of cards where can check record afterward. 

FYI Center located at Rama IV - Ratchadapisek, connected to MRT Queen Sirikit National Convention Centre

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