Solutions For Every Business Size



In order to address various needs, we have designed
three distinctive packages of security solutions:
Total Solution, Intelligent Solution and On-Demand Solution,
which address every type of building, from small buildings to
multi-structure complexes to high rise skyscrapers.


Intelligent Solution

The next generation in safety and security for buildings
that require higher levels of protection, as well as
the latest in smart building designs, require cutting-edge technology
integrated with the specified systems and protocols.

Building Security System

The key advantage of Forward System is our ability
to integrate various components of a security system,
which can involve many wide-ranging areas ensuring
they work together smoothly.

Building Automation System (BAS)

Monitor and control a building's automated systems to perform
at the highest possible levels of efficiency and safety.


Total Solution

Comprehensive safety and security at a foundational level,
making the building administrator's job more convenient,
and efficiently protecting the lives and
property of all your tenants.


On-Demand Solution

Customized security options according to specific requirements
that may be selected according to individual needs that vary
between industries and business functions.

Building without Solution?

Buildings which are lacking security in certain areas are missing an opportunity for occupants to enjoy
convenience and ability to conduct business smoothly, and may find it difficult to deal with unexpected incidents.

Building without Solution?

Buildings which are lacking security in certain areas are missing an opportunity for occupants to enjoy
convenience and ability to conduct business smoothly, and may find it difficult to deal with unexpected incidents.

Control Room

The control room is at the heart of a building's ability
to monitor safety and security. Everything that
takes place in the building has to pass through here,
but if the system has insufficient coordination,
small issues have a danger of turning into major problems,
and the source of problems may not be discovered in a timely manner.

Office Area

Often times, a building experiences problems of theft
when there is insufficient monitoring of individuals
entering and leaving the building or
an inefficient security monitoring system in place.

Reception Area

The first point of entry for visitors conducting business
in a building; this is where proper monitoring of visitors
should occur. If there is not a proper system monitoring
people coming and going, then there is a potential
for serious problems to occur in other areas of your building.

Car Parking Area

Insufficient management of limited parking spaces
in the building can cause inconvenience for tenants and visitors,
theft of valuables and lost potential for realizing parking revenue.

How does Intelligent Solution work?

It ensures all safety and security systems are interconnected properly
and work smoothly together. A problem in one area can be reported from other areas of a building,
n order to protect, investigate, monitor and fix problems in a speedy manner,
to return operations to a normal state as quickly as possible. Aside from operating highly efficient security systems,
Intelligent Solutions can also work together to control Building Automated Systems (BAS) to monitor
and control electricity usage and use of resources for maximum effectiveness.

Building Security System

Building Automation System

How does Total Solution work?

It takes care of a building's security requirements on a basic level,
for peace of mind of owners and tenants in every area. No matter what problems may occur,
rest assured that they will be detected, secured and resolved in a timely manner.

Building Security System


Integrated System

The key advantage of Forward System is the ability to integrate a wide variety of security types into
a comprehensive security system. We can even design a personalized security system for the highest
efficiency, which can work seamlessly together with a Building Automation System (BAS),
such as lighting control and air conditioning switches, and can provide immediate advice
if any problems arise with the access control and CCTV cameras.

Advanced Building Safety & Security

Monitor the safety of lives and property 24 hours a day both inside and outside thanks to
a full scope of the latest security technology. We offer services covering building access control,
car parking security, CCTV camera system, fire safety, as well as Building Automation System.

Efficient Report & Summary

Receive detailed reports that allow building administrators to efficiently identify weaknesses
and specific areas and systems that require immediate attention.

Technical Support & Maintenance

Our expert team offers guidance and advice, help in planning an effective security system,
and provides after-installation customer service, all the while anticipating our client's greatest needs.

Customized Service

We custom design building security solutions to meet the unique needs of every industry
for the highest possible efficiency and safety.