A comprehensive selection of security solutions of the highest quality
and utilizing the latest technology trusted by international organizations
all over the world.



We are proud to be the trusted authorized distributor of various globally-recognized security and safety brands
from Japan, the Netherlands and the United States. Our staff undergoes regular training with suppliers to maintain
a high level of expertise so we can offer the most qualified safety and security advice to our customers according to
their building specifications and business functions.

Authorized distributor of

Car Park System

A professional system of safety and accessibility
for parking areas, such as under vehicle scanners,
long-range and short-range card readers,
parking guidance system, automatic payment parking system,
manual cashier system, and even automated parking system
for speed and efficient use of space.

  • Vehicle Scanner

  • Gate Barrier

  • Payment System

  • Reader

  • Parking Area

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Building Access Control

Control of who enters and leaves secured areas
of your building with access control systems
including automated gates and turnstiles.
Protects your building from unauthorized entry
with a variety of security protocols,
such as keycards, fingerprint scanners, optical scanners,
and 3D facial recognition for the highest levels
of security required. Entry access can be tied to elevators
to distinguish those who have permission to access
only certain floors.

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We offer high-quality CCTV cameras with excellent resolution,
reducing the number of cameras needed, saving cost of equipment
and installation as well as personnel needed for monitoring.
The system also comes with advanced software that alerts us
when problems occur, and which may also be utilized
for marketing purposes.

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Fire Safety

We offer premium sensors that detect smoke
and heat to alert you faster of potential fires,
as well as pumps and sprinkler systems
to safeguard against disaster.

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Integrated System

We have a wealth of experience in tying together
all the various systems of safety and security
into a single comprehensive system, including
automated technologies in BAS buildings, to make it easier
to monitor and identify issues quickly and efficiently,
while saving time and operating costs.

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